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Now is a great time for a career as an Ophthalmic Medical Technician!

Who are Ophthalmic Medical Technicians?

Ophthalmic Medical Technicians are allied health care professionals in the field of ophthalmic medical assisting. Ophthalmology is the practice of medicine concerned with anatomy, diseases and treatments of the eye. Ophthalmic Medical Technicians (also called Allied Ophthalmic Personnel or AOP) work alongside eye doctors (Ophthalmologists) who provide medical and surgical treatment of eye conditions. Ophthalmic Medical Technicians play an important role in patient care and are a valuable part of the eye care team.


What does an Ophthalmic Medical Technician do?

They take patient health histories, test vision, perform diagnostic examinations, administer eye medications, evaluate eye muscle movements and educate patients, as well as assist Ophthalmologists in surgical settings.


Ophthalmic Medical Technicians work alongside Ophthalmologists in private practices, medical centers, hospitals and university clinics. They see patients of all ages—from babies and children, to adults and the elderly.


They are trained to work with people who need glasses and contact lenses, and those who have a variety of eye disorders, such as cataracts, glaucoma and diabetic eye disease.


People who are compassionate, empathetic, respectful and professional with strong communication skills have the important characteristics needed to be eye care team members.

Anyone who is willing, driven, and passionate about their work can excel in the field of ophthalmology!

~ Brenda, COT

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